You’re inquisitive and love to learn. You enjoy connecting with others – but on a smaller scale. You believe knowledge is power.

The takeaway: When it comes to educating, there are so many ways to get involved to match your personality and comfort level.

Educators play a major role because they can take information that’s hard to digest, and break it down. They can connect with others on a peer or community level to create a greater understanding of the issues at hand.

Educators can also make the information more accessible to more people.

Educator strengths: the ability to intake information, digest it, and share it with others is a hugely important skill to have (and spoiler: you have it). We all interpret information a little bit differently, which means that we can explain it to others differently. You and I may intake the same bit of information, but when I explain it to a friend, they may not get it. But if you explain it in a different way, it just may click!

Examples: Here are just a few examples of roles the educator personality can play in the sustainability movement and lifestyle:

  • Start sharing information on social media

  • Start a blog

  • Teach a class

  • Write articles for your local paper

  • Share things you’ve learned with a neighbor

  • Start a podcast

  • Volunteer with an organization and participate in tabling events

  • Start a small group of concerned citizens

  • Host a climate change-related book club

  • Offer to teach a class or read a book to a local school classroom

Eco-swaps for educators: I often see the question of “where do I start?”. Usually, I recommend a trash audit. But, as an educator, you’ve probably already done the research! A Google/Ecosia search on easy zero waste swaps or best eco-swaps for “x” room can provide some good places for you to start.

The wrap-up: Of course, this list is not all-inclusive by any means. The possibilities are truly endless. My biggest piece of advice if you’re just starting out is to start small. Start by talking with your inner circle, sharing things on social media, or joining a local group or organization in your community.

But wait, there’s more: If you’re still feeling stuck, I’ve created a 45-minute, self-guided workshop that is an expansion of this quiz. I’ll walk you through (with actual exercises and activities) how you can apply your creator personality to the sustainable community and movement.