You’re crafty, artsy, have an eye for beauty, or handy. You’re, well, a creator!

The takeaway: Creators play an important role in addressing the climate crisis because they are able to break down often overwhelming messages and connect with people in new, and often indirect ways.

We know that scientists have been trying to share facts and warning messages about the climate crisis for decades. But it can be hard for people to really grasp what those numbers mean. But art and creative workshops can often reach people in a new way and allow the severity of the situation to “click”.

Creator strengths: you’re able to express emotions and messages to others through things you create. You can also use your creative tendencies to serve your community (see below for specific examples).

Examples: Here are just a few examples of roles the creator personality can play in the sustainability movement and lifestyle:

  • Photography showing the impacts of the climate crisis (one of my favorites is Paul Nicklen)

  • Paintings or other mediums expressing the emotion of people impacted by the climate crisis

  • Hosting a repair clinic in your community for small appliances and electronics

  • Sharing your sewing and mending wisdom with your neighbors

  • Helping others remodel their homes using sustainable paints, secondhand furniture, etc. with your creative interior designer eye

  • Teaching kid craft classes using upcycled materials

  • Write a fictional book or e-zine where your character deals with the effects of the climate crisis

  • Creating and sharing recipes that utilize leftovers and reduce food waste. Bonus: cook them for friends and family!

  • Start a tool library in your neighborhood, or between friends and family

  • Start a group of knitters to make hats and scarves for schools and homeless people

Eco-swaps for creators: I often see the question of “where do I start?”. Usually, I recommend a trash audit. But, as a creator, you can with your own tools!

For example, if you’re a painter, is there a way you can swap out certain supplies for a more eco-friendly option? What about looking for supplies secondhand?

This can be a great way to get into the creator mindset as it relates to how you show up in the sustainability world.

The wrap-up: Of course, this list is not all-inclusive by any means. The possibilities are truly endless. And, because you’re creative, this list can be used as a spark to help you brainstorm even more ideas.

But wait, there’s more: If you’re still feeling stuck, I’ve created a 45-minute, self-guided workshop that is an expansion of this quiz. I’ll walk you through (with actual exercises and activities) how you can apply your creator personality to the sustainable community and movement.