You’re empathetic and actively see yourself as part of the community that’s being affected by the climate crisis. You’re a “doer”, persistent, and loyal to others and a cause. You like excitement, and feeling like you’re physically making a difference – especially when done with others.

The takeaway: Activism can occur in many forms, so don’t think that this means you have to go stage a sit-in at your local government office (we’re not condoning illegal activity here). Activists are the poster child for making change – in the best way. When people think of taking action, chances are they think of you! You believe in justice and fairness and aren’t afraid to speak up when that’s not happening.

When it comes to making sure your voice gets heard about an issue, you show up and make it happen.

Activist strengths: being able to see yourself in other people’s journeys, believing in making your voice heard, and not being afraid to take action when needed. You also don’t back down easily (which is a strength, but can also be a hindrance).

Examples: Here are just a few examples of roles the activist personality can play in the sustainability movement and lifestyle:

  • Attending a protest

  • Writing letters or emails or making calls to local and national government officials

  • Attending a local city council meeting

  • Gathering friends, family, and neighbors to work on a particular issue together

  • Create and distribute a petition

  • Take photographs of a protest and share them with news organizations

  • Contact your local newspaper or news station about a particular issue

  • Participate in canvasing

  • Volunteer for your local political affiliated party

  • Help people in your community register to vote

  • Offer to provide transportation for community members to protests, voting stations, city council meetings, etc.

Eco-swaps for activists: I often see the question of “where do I start?”. Usually, I recommend a trash audit. But, as an activist, you can really start anywhere!

For example, if you’re heading to a protest, offer transportation to those who may not have it, or help others look up mass transit information and go together.

The wrap-up: Of course, this list is not all-inclusive by any means. The possibilities are truly endless. Remember to rely on the support of others to ensure that you don’t burn out!

But wait, there’s more: If you’re still feeling stuck, I’ve created a 45-minute, self-guided workshop that is an expansion of this quiz. I’ll walk you through (with actual exercises and activities) how you can apply your creator personality to the sustainable community and movement.