How to Incorporate Minimalism into All Areas of Your Life + 5 Ways to Get Started | A Guest Post for Put the Kettle On

I am THRILLED to share this post I wrote for the amazing blog called ‘Put The Kettle On’ about applying minimalism to all areas of your life. A lot of times, when people think of minimalism, they think of getting rid of physical clutter. But what if we thought of minimalism past the physical clutter, and more as a general ‘reducing’ theme?


In this post, I explain how to incorporate minimalism beyond physical clutter into your life, and include 5 easy steps to get started!


Head on over to Put the Kettle On to read the post!



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Lisa @

I read the post and I LOVE it! Really great tips. Clutter can be so overwhelming!


[…] How to Incorporate Minimalism into all Areas of your Life […]