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How I Started My Zero Waste Journey + 5 Ways to Reduce Your Waste | A Guest Post for A Welder’s Wife

In all my posts about zero waste and minimalism, I don’t think I’ve actually spelled out how I got started incorporating them into my life. So, when Erin from A Welder’s Wife was looking for bloggers to guest post about that topic specifically (how we got started), I jumped at the opportunity and am so grateful she accepted!. Not only does she have an awesome blog about simple living, minimalism, and more that I love (seriously, if you look through my Pinterest boards, you will see a lot of her stuff), it also gave me the opportunity to share a little more behind the scenes about how my family and I got to where we are today.


So, a huge thank you to Erin for providing a platform to tell my family’s story!


Check out the post ‘How I Started my Zero Waste Journey + 5 Ways to Reduce your Waste’ over on Erin’s blog here!


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5 years ago

Clicked through to read these tips – they’re fantastic! Considering the packaging and all the waste that’s built into a product BEFORE we even bring it home is a big one!

5 years ago

I love this!