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  • Tiny Yellow Bungalow: Code: ReduceRenew for 10% off

  • Whisper Bidets

  • ToyCycle: Code: ReduceRenew – 20% of all regularly price merchandise. One coupon per customer. Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons

  • Aisle period underwear – get $10 off using the link.

  • Dropps plastic free dishwasher detergent & laundry soap tabs.

  • Pelacase – 100% compostable phone case. I have the bee case and I AM IN LOVEEEEEEEEEEE! They often run deals, check out the website here.

  • ThredUP – Online secondhand clothing store for women and kids (includes shoes, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories). Get $20 off your first order using this link.

  • Party in my Pants: Cloth pads from a small, women-owned, midwest business. Get 30% off your first order using this link.

  • Modibodi period and swimwear underwear

  • Etsy: Discounts vary by maker – but definitely worth shopping around

  • Luna eco-friendly weighted blankets from a BIPOC owned and operated company

  • Seed Probiotics: Get 15% off your first month supply of Seed using code ‘ReduceRenew’ at checkout.

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  • 7-Day Decluttering E-course: I put together this e-course to share my families biggest roadblocks (and how we got through them) to declutter over 130 boxes of stuff.
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Nature photography

I LOVE nature photography. So much, that I actually had a nature photography blog for five years! While that is no longer in existence, my nature photography site is for you to check out!

Self-guided meditations

Speaking of nature photography, check out my super easy and quick 2-minute self-guided mindful meditations, featuring my nature photography.

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