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The Mindful Mom Blographer Turns 1!

The Mindful Mom Blographer, it’s your birthday, we’re going to party like it’s your birthday, we’re going to drink Bacardi coffee and tea like it’s your birthday…


Anyone singing along?


As you may have guessed, it’s the Mindful Mom Blographer’s 1st birthday!



I LOVE birthdays. Love them.  I also love top 10 lists. So naturally, I had to do a post that combined both those things.

As cliche as it is going to sound, I have learned a lot from this first year of blogging. I had a nature photography blog for five years but besides being a completely different topic, it was on a different platform. So when I started this blog, I felt like in many ways I was starting from scratch.  Not to mention this blog is a lot more personal and allows me to be vulnerable in ways I didn’t do with the photography blog.


It is kind of crazy to look back a year ago and see how far I’ve come and how many opportunities I got to do this first year (hello, I was on a podcast!). I’m seriously so excited to see what the next year brings!



Without further ado, here are the top 10 Mindful Mom Blographer posts from the first year!


10. Confessions of a zero waste mama

This past year I started contributing to an online magazine called #ZeroWasteStoryTime on the blog ZeroingIn. The magazine contains articles from different zero waste bloggers all around a different monthly theme. It has been a blast to write for! This particular post is all about my confessions as a mom trying to be zero waste.


9. 5 Mindsets for Living a Clutter Free and Happy Life

I had the opportunity to do a number of guest posts this past year, and this was one of them. I wrote this post for the website ‘Becoming Unbusy’. I truly believe that minimalism goes far beyond decluttering and really stems around developing certain mindsets. I talk about those mindsets in this post.


8. Decluttering our way to Minimalism: Part 3 – Keeping the Momentum

The ‘Decluttering our way to Minimalism’ series was one of the first few posts I wrote for the blog, but as you can see from this list, continues to be one of my most popular. The series started after my family and I decluttered the HECK out of our house and ended up donating over 100 large boxes of items and sold countless more. This particular part documents the lessons we learned about having to keep the momentum going during and after the decluttering process.




7. 17 Zero Waste Bloggers to Follow

I don’t know about you, but when I’m embarking on a lifestyle change like minimalism and zero waste, I love to follow people in the field for constant inspiration. That is how this blog post was born where I share 17 of my favorite zero waste bloggers!


6. Decluttering our way to Minimalism: Part 1 – Is Minimalism Right for You?

Here is the first part of the ‘Decluttering…’ series which talks about if minimalism is for you. Decluttering and minimalism requires a lot, and for some it may not be the right time in their lives (or maybe not at all – and that’s OK!).


5. 10 Ways to Be Happy in a Job that Makes you Unhappy

In a way I’m happy this post is in the top half of the top 10 list, but on the other hand it makes me kind of sad because that means there are a lot of people unhappy in their jobs! This post is all made up of things I’ve learned personally being in jobs I didn’t like (haven’t we all been there?). The easy answer is ‘just leave’, but for some, that isn’t an option – and that is who this post is for.



4. How a 100 Things List Can Help You Live a More Intentional Life

This guest post has had an amazing impact on those who are looking to live a more intentional life. I had never heard of a 100 things list before reading this, but since I have learned about it, I have made many and have found them very helpful!


3. How to Create a Vision Board and How it Works

Vision boards can be a great tool to help you keep focus on the goals you’re working on. I started making a vision board a couple of years ago, and personally have found them very helpful. This post talks about what it is, how to make one, and how/why it works!


2. Decluttering our way to Minimalism: Part 2 – Tips and Tricks

Here is the third ‘Decluttering’ series post (actually the second in the series) where I highlight a few of the hardest areas of our house to declutter and share my best tips and tricks for getting through them.



And finally….the #1 post of my first year……….

  1. The Ultimate Zero Waste, Minimalist Friendly, and Mindful Gift Guide (with 97 gift ideas!)

As soon as you start moving towards a lifestyle change like minimalism and zero waste, giving and receiving gifts can start to become confusing. This post notes my stance on gift giving, and has 97 gift ideas for anyone on your list (or for you to create a list for yourself).




Decluttering Course

Bonus: So technically this was in the top 10 list, but since it’s not an actual post I didn’t include it in the top 10. But since so many of you visited the page, I wanted to mention it. Hundreds of people have signed up for my free 7-day decluttering e-course filled with all of our tips for decluttering over 100 (we’re now up to 130 large boxes) of stuff!



Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here and coming along with me the past year. I can’t wait to have you join me for the next 365 days!



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