Guided Meditation

What is Guided Imagery Meditation and Why is it Important?

Meditation. Something we all hear about and know it is good for us, but why? And what exactly is it?


Maybe you’re very familiar with meditation and the benefits, you practice it regularly, and now you want to start writing your own script but aren’t sure how.


Or maybe you’re somewhere in between.


I am super excited to share that myself and Megan from Learning Lotuses are teaming up to host a FREE guided imagery party! Attendees of the party will receive answers to the questions listed above, AND, if you’re interested in learning how to write your own script (whether for a class, to share with friends/family, or just for yourself), we have an amazing opportunity for you!




During the party, you will learn:

  • what guided imagery is
  • what it means and what it does for us
  • how Megan and Laura each formed their own style of guided imagery through two totally different meditation styles
  • two different breathing exercises
  • how to write your own guided imagery script


You will even have the chance to submit your guided imagery script to Megan and Laura to review for you!

Also, there are some pretty amazing bundles up for grabs when the party is over 😊


We’d love to have you join us and learn about the amazing benefits of meditation and how to go deeper into your practice. We hope you join us!


Join The Mindful Mom Blographer and Learning Lotuses for the Guided Imagery Party! Learn what guided imagery is and how to create your own guided imagery script. Plus, as a party attendee, you have the option to submit your own guided imagery script for feedback! ***By subscribing, you agree to receive email communication and marketing from both The Mindful Mom Blographer & Learning Lotuses***

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