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60 of the best podcasts on sustainable living

I. Love. Podcasts.

Seriously, I love them. They have quickly replaced any radio show or music I listen to when driving. It doesn’t matter if I’m driving for 10 minutes or an hour, I load up one of my favorite podcasts and hit the road.

I know I’m not alone. Research shows that over 60 million households have at least one podcast fan. That’s a lot of people! These days, podcasts can be listened to not only on iTunes, but also on Android apps such as Stitcher, AND also via the web (many on the podcast website itself).

One thing I struggle with is knowing which podcasts to start listening to. There are so many out there that sometimes it can be overwhelming and the topics they cover are staggering! I personally love getting podcast recommendations, especially in areas that I’m passionate about (ahem, reduction-based living through mindfulness, minimalism, anxiety management, and zero waste living!)

And yes, I realize this post is about podcasts on sustainable living. But guess what. I view sustainable living not just as green living, but also as living a life that is sustainable – as in, it is manageable long term. Because so often, we live our lives on autopilot, or we work ourselves to the point of burnout. And that’s not sustainable.

Plus, by making room in your life by reducing, you have more time for the things that match your values. And that’s sustainable!

This post will be divided up into two parts:

First, I will share some of my personal favorites – the ones I listen to regularly.

Second, I will list all of the podcasts on sustainable living that I could find. Got one that I didn’t include? Let me know in the comments!

One final note. I did try and provide podcasts that were actively putting out new episodes. There are a handful that are over or on a break, however I made sure to notate that.

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My personal favorite podcasts on sustainable living (with specific episodes to check out)

1. The Sustainable Minimalist

The Sustainable Minimalists is hosted by Stephanie Seferian of the blog Mama Minimalist. The podcast aims to help families live sustainably, but the thing I love about it is the tips can be applicable to anyone! Stephanie talks about all sorts of topics such as low/zero waste,  minimalism, decluttering, and includes tons of DIY tips relating to those categories. Her topics fit in great with the overall theme of this blog, which is all about reducing so you can gain more. With each episode, she gives tons of resources and freebies to her listeners. Stephanie has a great mix of guest shows and solo ones. If you’re interested in getting started in any of the areas mentioned above or get some in-depth tips, this is a great podcast for you.

My Favorite Episodes:

*10 Eco-Friendly Yard Care Rules

*Minimalism and the Mental Load

*The Inconvenient Relationship Between Clutter and Anxiety

*How to Declutter your Home Without Trashing the Planet

*5 Ways to Stand up to Environmental Racism

*Planned Obsolescence: What it is + What to do about it

*How to Cope with Eco-Anxiety in 4 Steps (hint: you’ll recognize the guest in this one!)

Find the podcast here.

Hopefully Sustainable

Jaiko Celka started her podcast in March of 2020, but in my opinion has come out with a bang. She is great at exposing you to new organizations, people doing the work, and topics. The best part, in my opinion, is she always highlights hope within each episode.

My Favorite Episodes:

*How Youth are Leading the Fight against Climate Change

*Reducing Food Waste One Meal at a Time

*Finding Sustainability in Unexpected Places

*Eco-Anxiety – You’re not Alone (another one where you’ll recognize the guest!)

Where to find the podcast: Apple or Spotify

The Science of Happiness

The science of happiness podcast talks about topics that, well, introduce happiness into our lives. The part I love about it is that the first half of each episode, they talk to someone who has lived or done an experiement related to the episode topic. In the second part, they explore scientific reasoning as to why each topic works.

My Favorite Episodes:

*Why a Walk Works Wonders

*How Gratitude Benefits Your Brain

*Helping Kids Think About the Good

*Happy Again: How to Find Beauty in the Everyday

Where to find the podcast: Website

Affirmation Pod

If you’re in need of some grounding, this is a great podcast to help you with that. With affirmations for tons of different topics, you’re bound to find one that fits your need. Plus, Josie’s voice is incredibly calm and soothing – exactly what you want while listening to affirmations!

My Favorite Episodes:

*A Sense of Control When Things Feel Out of Control

*When Feeling Retraumatized

*Processing the News of the Day

*What to Say to Your Inner Child

Where to find the podcast: Website

The Slow Home Podcast

Minimalism, simple living, mindfulness, eco-friendly living, or a combination or all? Yep – this podcast has it all. This podcast has been around since 2015, so there are a lot of episodes – perfect for binging. The hosts are in New Zealand, so for a midwesterner like myself, the accents are perfection to go along with the topics.

My favorite episodes:

*How to make a difference

*When slow becomes fast and no is hard to say

*How to create a green team in your workplace

*Any of the slow experiment ones

Where to find the podcast: Website

Good Ancestor Podcast

You may have heard of Layla Saad from her book Me and White Supremacy (with coordinating workbook), but did you know she also has a podcast? For each episode, she interviews a guest with people changing the world and doing the work. Episodes fall within topics of racism, social and racial justice, inclusivity, white supremacy, and more.

My favorite episodes:

*Rachel Cargle

*No White Saviors

*The Conscious Kid

*Yoga for All Bodies

Where to find the podcast: Website

Unlocking Us

Brene’ Brown. Need I say more? If you like Brene’ Brown’s books, or her Ted Talk, you’ll LOVE her podcast, which started in 2020. I particularly enjoy the guests she has interviewed which complement her book and research topics really well.

My favorite episodes:

*Brene’ on FFTs

*Brene’ on Anxiety, Calm + Over/Under-Functioning

*Brene’ with Ibram X. Kendi on How to Be an Antiracist

Where to find the podcast: Website

Being Well

I love learning how our brain works, and this podcast is great for that. Whether the topic is anxiety, gratitude, mindfulness, or mental illnesses, I always learn a lot.

The hosts are Dr. Richard Hanson and his son Forrest Hanson which create an interesting dynamic. Dr. Hanson is very passionate about the topics they talk about, and Forrest does a great job of translating his dad’s jargon into everyday terms.

My favorite episodes:

*Use the Mind to Change the Brain

*The Foundation of Mindfulness

*How to Grow Self-Compassion

*Managing Your Inner Critic

*Living and Dying Well

Where to find the podcast: Website

How Not To Travel

If you’re not following Dr. Kiona on Instagram, what are you even doing? Even as someone who isn’t a regular traveler, I have learned so much about privilege and accessibility in the outdoors from her. Her podcast is no exception! These episodes are only about 15-20 minutes each, so perfect for short on-the-go trips or when you’re making dinner.

My favorite episodes:

*Travel Privilge

*The Program with “Doing it for the Gram”

*Sustainable Travel

*Managing Expectations

Where to find the podcast: Website

Eco Chic

Laura Diez is the host of this awesome podcast that focuses on a lot of the deeper topics of sustainable living beyond making eco-friendly swaps. She interviews individuals doing the work, companies that are making a difference, has chats with people in her community, and more. I love the different types of topics and episodes she offers, and always come away learning something.

My favorite episodes:

*Eco-Spirituality, Permaculture, Positivity

*ECOFEMINISM: Women + The Environment

*How to Talk to Climate Change Deniers + Skeptics

*Environmentalism is Elistist; Plastic is Political

*Racism + Social Justice in Conservation + Outdoor Recreation

*Religion and Climate Change: Chic Chats

*The Case for Part Time Veganism

Where to find the podcast: Website

Green Dreamer

Green Dreamer is another podcast that explores topics, interviews individuals and organizations, and introduces concepts not often found in the sustainable living realm. Host Kamea Chayne asks such insightful and thoughtful questions of each guest, and I find myself getting sucked in to the conversation with each episode and learning A LOT. In the later episodes, she talks a lot about regenerative agriculture, the impact of farming, our food, and more.

My favorite episodes:

*How to tackle environmental and social anxiety to stay positive

*The environmental impact of modern day burials we should know about

*Why environmental policy can be so hard to change or pass

*Regenerative Organic Certification

*Distinguishing ecofascism and dismantling white supremacy

Where to find the podcast: Website

Live Planted

Live Planted is a podcast that talks a lot about eating a plant-based/vegan diet – especially in the earlier episodes. However, she also talks about sustainable living, zero waste, and even mindfulness and mental health. Even as someone who is not vegan but eats a heavy plant-based diet, I thoroughly enjoy each episode and find it informative, rather than preachy. One thing to note is that the host, Alyssa, had a baby earlier this year, and she hasn’t released a new episode since November of 2019. Nevertheless, I thought it was worthwhile to add it on the list because she has almost 200 episodes of content.

My favorite episodes:

*Recycling isn’t the answer

*How to lighten the mental load

*Three reasons why veganism is a feminist issue

*Why you shouldn’t be a perfect vegan

Where to find the podcast: Website

Hippie Haven

One of the things I like about the Hippie Haven podcast is that Callee, the host, talks about not only sustainable living topics, but also about how to make your life sustainable overall (like I was saying in the introduction of this post). She talks about mental health, green living, social, racial, and environmental justice topics, and much more. I also tend to resonate and start following most of her guests. She just has a knack for picking interesting people and organizations. If you’re interested in sustainable living all around, this podcast is for you.

My favorite episodes:

*Darn Good Yarn: Change Through Crafting with Nicole Snow

*How to Sustainably Declutter Your Home with Kristyn Ivey

*Solutionaries: Using Your Passion to Change the World with Linda Lattimore

*How to Make a Difference in Your Community with Callee + Polly Barks

*Dumpster Diving w/Matt of @AnUrbanHarvester

*Fight Food Waste With Your Phone with Olio Co-Founder Saasha Celestial-One

Where to find the podcast: Website

Practical(ly) Zero Waste

Curious about incorporating a ton of sustainable living tips into your life? This podcast is for you. Each episode talks about and breaks down a zero waste topic into an easily digestible and implementable (is that a word? I’m just the writer here….) format. The thing I love about it though, is that the host, Elsbeth, explores not only changes you can make at home, but also within your community and beyond. Overall, just a great podcast!

My favorite episodes:


*Kids + Zero Waste

*Living Simply

*Random Acts of Green


*Community Gardens

*Sustainable Agriculture

*Raising Eco-Kids

*Garden Therapy

*Decluttering and Mental Health

Where to find the podcast: Website

How to be a Minimalist (The Sustainable Way)

With only five episodes, this short-lived podcast packs a punch. Each episode has great individual tips on decluttering, with an overarching theme of going beyond the decluttering into minimlaism (which looks at reduction through all areas of life, and sustainable living). I’m all about combining minimalism and eco-friendly living, and this podcast does just that. This podcast is perfect for you if you’re interested in reduction-based living and are looking for even more resources.

My Favorite Episodes:

*All five available

Where to find the podcast: Website

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

As I listened to the first episode of this podcast, I was instantly hooked. I admit, this podcast focuses a lot more on the spiritual side of mindfulness and intentional living than the other ones do, but if that sounds like something you’re interested in, you HAVE to listen to this podcast. Again, sustainable living can go beyond eco-friendly and green swaps.

I have had so many ah-ha moments as I have gone through the episodes. I kind of feel like I don’t even really need to go into a lot of detail because,  well, it’s Oprah. Is there anything she touches that isn’t amazing? Oprah has top-notch guests (of course) and really gets into detail about each guest’s spiritual journey, what that looks like for them, and how it has helped them in their life. I’m absolutely loving this podcast (in case you couldn’t already tell) and couldn’t recommend it more. It is one of my go-tos when I need some grounding.

My Favorite Episodes:

*Brene’ Brown Part 1 & 2

*Any of the Eckhart Tolle ones (especially the 10-week series going through the book The Power of Now

*Arianna Huffington: What Will Be Your Spiritual Wake-up Call?

*Deepak Chopra: Meditation 101

*Oprah and Michelle Obama: Your Life in Focus

*Mitch Albom: The Dying Know the Secrets to a Good Life

*Pema Chodron: Welcoming the Unwelcome

*Larry Dossey: The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

*Dr. Maya Angelou parts 1 and 2

*RuPaul Charles: We’re All in Drag

Where to find the podcast: Website

More podcasts on sustainable living (in alphabetical order)

These are all podcasts that are active, out there, and available, but that i don’t have personal experience listening to (yet).

A Material Girl Goes Green

This podcast follows Lesley, a girl who wants to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and is slow making changes. Resident sustainability director Jodi answers questions and shares tips to help you do the same. Topics include everything from composting 101 to ‘what is Terracycle’ to slow fashion.

Interesting looking episodes:

*The top 5 eco questions Jodi hears

*Target is now carrying eco-friendly products

*Best eco fall cleanup

Where to find podcast: Website

A Sustainable Mind

Starting as a master thesis’s project, this podcast has the goal of representing everyone in the sustainable living conversation. Host Marjorie realized that there weren’t a lot of young women of color at the table and wanted to change that.

Episodes include topics covering influential startups, organizations, and campaigns.

Interesting looking episodes (there are seriously so many):

*Kind Cup – Bringing Innovation to Menstrual Cups and the Feminine Hygiene Industry with Christine Brown

*People of Color in the Outdoor Community with Jose Gonzalez of Latino Outdoors

*Emotional Sustainability and Self-care with JJ Flizanes

Where to find the podcast: Website

Book of Leaves – Eco Friendly Education & Inspirational Stories

Book of Leaves podcast covers all things sustainable living. No topic or interviewee is off the table. One thing that differs from a lot of the podcasts on this list is that the host, Ceara, lives in Ireland so you can get perspective from another part of the world.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Periods: Pads, Cups & Shame

*The Impact of a Toothbrush

*Saving Clothes from Landfill

Where to find the podcast: Website

Brown Girl Green

I’ve been following Kristy of Brown Girl Green for a while now, but I didn’t realize she had a podcast (apparently it is relatively new)! Her podcast specifically focuses on interviewing people who are working towards diversity and inclusion within the climate change realm. Additionally, she shares ways we can all help cope with the climate crisis.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Put Your Money Where Your Values Are: Personal Finance & The Planet

*Climate Change & Disabilities: How’d we get here?

*Self-Care In The Time of Climate Crisis

Where to find podcast: Website

Clean. Simple. Free.

Interested in learning about simple, minimalist, intentional, and eco-friendly living? If so, this podcast may be for you. Episodes include tips on how to declutter your mind, physical items, and life in a sustainable way.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Digital declutter parts 1, 2, and 3

*Identity through items: how brands and interests affect us

*Anxiety management through minimalism

Where to find the podcast: Apple


Climergency is a podcast that focuses on how individual actions can add up to make a big impact on climate change. I like the concept of this podcast because I think sometimes the climate crisis can feel so overwhelming, and that overwhelm can lead us to believe that our individual actions don’t matter. Which is NOT true, by the way.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Raising eco-conscious kids

*Becoming a consumer activitst

*Swap your way to a stylish, sustainable wardrobe

Where to find the podcast: Apple, Stitcher

Costing the Earth

Created and produced by BBC, this podcast aims to explore topics that are impacting our earth and contributing to the climate crisis. A common question that is asked is why aren’t we doing “x, y, z”, which the episode then explores.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Insect extinction?

*Plastic Gardens

*Eco Homes Now!

Where to find the podcast: Website

Earth 911: Sustainability in your ear

Ever wonder how to recycle properly and be a conscious consumer? What about discovering new sustainability news, sustainability leaders through interviews, and more? This podcast has all that. From well known website – experts in providing information on where to recycle almost any item, this podcast is sure to be a good one.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Adarsh Ambati, 2020 International Young Eco-Hero Innovation Award Winner

*How to talk to the other side

*Making climate personal

Where to find the podcast: Website

Earth Chats

Earth Chats introduces climate and sustainable living related topics that you can take action on right away. The podcast is put on by the organization SCARCE, which has a mission to “help people discover how easy it can be to mkae a meaninful difference for our kids, for our environment, for our future…and often for all three at once.”

Interesting looking episodes:


*Hazardous waste: what we can’t recycle and how to get rid of it

*Hope’s Garden: Growing new purpose at DuPage County Jail

Where to find the podcast: Website

Earth Rangers (for kids)

Of course we can’t forget the kids! I’m a firm believer that in order to want to protect and fight for something, you have to have a connection to it. What better way to get kids interested in the earth than by learning about it in a fun way? This podcast is hosted by a wildlife biologist, who aims to explore all the mysteries of nature.

Interesting looking episodes:
*The dark, dark, forest (which is actually pretty nice)

*Hovering Hummingbirds and the worlds most extreme animals

*Black bears and winter survival skills

Where to find the podcast: Website

Earth Wise

This podcast, hosted by NRP, is basically all things sustainable living in public radio form. Topics include anything and everything eco-friendly living. One thing that makes this podcast stand out is that the episodes are only a couple minutes each. Giving you a true quick glimpse without the topic becoming overwhelming.

Interesting looking episodes:
*More bugs that eat plastic

*Native bees in a honeybee world

*Sustainable flip flops

Where to find the podcast: Website

Gardenerd Tip of the Week

I never considered myself a gardenerd until I discovered this podcast, and I haven’t even listened to it yet! This podcast shares a weekly gardening tip that may be as simple as ‘tomato growing tips’, or may intertwine sustainable living techniques like water stewardship, etc.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Regenerative Techniques

*Pollinator Victory Garden

*Healing Gardens

Where to find the podcast: Website

Good + Social

This podcast brings together people who are walking the walk and talking the talk when it comes to making social and environmental changes. I’m talking major changes. If you’re in need or some hope, inspiration, and creativity, this sounds like a great podcast for you!

Interesting sounding episodes:

*Gender Inclusivity and the Menstrual Industry

*Counseling, movement, and the great outdoors

*Technology as a tool for conscious consumerism

Where to find the podcast: Website

Good Together

If you want easily digestible, actionable, and relatable tips for sustainable living, this podcast seems like it might be a good fit. Each episode focuses on a green living topic that will help you live more sustainably! I really like that the topics go beyond basic at home swaps and into larger issues/ways to get involved.

Interesting looking episodes:
*How to quit fast furniture for good

*Why Intersectional Environmentalism Matters to All

*Making Sustainability More Affordable for All

Where to find the podcast: Website

Green Divas

There isn’t a lot of description about this podcast, except that the episodes focus on causing a revolution for mind, body, spirit, earth, and fun!

Interesting looking episodes:
*Food security for earth, health, and pandemics

*Natural remedies for anxiety

*The light side of green burial

Where to find the podcast: Website

House on Fire

While this podcast hasn’t had a new episode since summer of 2020, I wanted to highlight it in this list because it is an important one. Completely youth-led, this podcast looks at the climate crisis from the point of view of those who will inheret this mess. Each episode has an interview with climate change experts, to help empower you to become active in the fight.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Sammy Gazda, Miami-based Climate Activist; Isra Hirsi, Co-Founder of U.S. Youth Climate Strike

*Nick Mulvey, Musician; Melanie Oliva, Climate Artist; Kate Fleming, Founder of Bridge Initiative

*The Role of Parents, feat. Bill Weir, CNN Chief Climate Correspondent and Yoca Arditi-Rocha, Executive Director of The CLEO Institute

Where to find the podcast: Website

How to Save the World with Jaimie and Meghan

This podcast follows two women who are working on living a more eco-friendly life, and wanted to share their journey and learn from others along the way. This podcast seems semi-regularly updated, with the majority of their most recent episodes being ‘News Briefings’. However, some of their older episodes and their newest one seemed interesting enough to mention in the list.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Babies and sustainable early parenthood

*Divesting and Sustainable Investing

*Sustainable Pet Ownership

Where to find the podcast: Website

How to Save the World with Waveney and Tim

Yep, there are two sustainable living podcasts with the same name. They are however, completely different (within the overarching topic). This one is focused on environmental topics in New Zealand – but many of the topics will apply to listeners no matter where they are in the world. Additionally, with one of the hosts being a comedian, this podcast is sure to show you tips for living more green, while keep things upbeat.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Microplastics; A hidden disaster

*How to inspire online with Ethically Kate

*Sustainability Psychology

Journey to Organization with Rebekah Saltzman

Don’t be fooled by the title of this podcast in thinking there isn’t a sustainable aspect to it. Journey to Organization focuses on yes, organizing, but also zero waste! Even more, host Rebekah specifically focuses on living zero waste highlighting Jewish sources. In all the research I’ve done for this blog post on sustainable podcasts (hint: a lot) or any other blog posts, I haven’t seen any other that has this focus.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Decision fatigue

*Organize your emails

*Any of the zero waste episodes for Jewish holidays and events

Where to find the podcast: Apple

Living on Earth

Produced by NPR, this is a podcast you may enjoy if you like listening to radio segments on the climate crisis. This podcast is also a great choice for getting up to date (and in depth) information on the topic including the earth, health, and politics.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Systemic Racism and Green Groups

*Jane Goodall on 60+ years of conservation and research

*Dancing with bees. A journey back to nature

Where to find the podcast: Website

Love Zero Waste

Love Zero Waste explores how individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations can learn to live a more zero waste lifestyle and work towards a circular economy. This podcast is a joint venture between The Good Tribe and Circulous, and in addition to the podcast, they also offer workshops.

Interesting looking episodes:

*The global e-waste challenge

*How to upcycle trash into treasure

*How to start your local movement

Where to find the podcast: Website

Medium Well

Medium Well is not just a sustainable living podcast in the traditional sense. In fact, topics covered include wellness, finding purpose, self-help, spirituality, and of course, sustainable living.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Creating a more size inclusive ethical fashion landscape

*Plants for the people – celebrating local plants

*Intentional business, intentional living, and intentional fashion

Where to find the podcast: Website

No Trash Talk

This podcast aims to inspire and encourage you to make small changes towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. With a focus on just that – small changes – the hosts aim to show that you can make a big impact!

Interesting looking episodes:

*Living with non-eco-conscious people

*What is intersectional environmentalism?

*Low waste camping

Where to find the podcast: Website

Podship: Earth

Award winning Podship: Earth aims to inspire listeners to connect with themselves, as a community, nature, and the universe. Additionally, the podcast talks about ways that we as individuals can make a difference. Topics span from mental health to politics to microbes.

Interesting looking episodes:




Where to find the podcast: Website

Starting Sustainability

This podcast follows along with host Kaylin as she works to incorporate sustainable living practices in her own life. Topics include basic swaps but also encourage listeners to go beyond the basics to add just a little bit more into your own life.

Interesting sounding epsiodes:

*Retrain your brain

*World Tree

*The importance of buying local

Where to find the podcast: Apple


Sustainababble explores sustainable living topics – hosted by two self-described confused (about the environment) individuals. The hosts ask why sustainable living has to be so confusing, and explore topics and interview experts to help break down that confusion. Did I mention it is also a comedy podcast? It definitely seems like this podcast is not one to miss for the unique way to look at living green. It is worth mentioning that this podcast focuses on issues/people in the UK, but the topics are still applicable for anyone anywhere in the world.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Being eco-friendly


*Eating insects

Where to find the podcast: Website

Sustainability Champions

You and I are both sustainability champions! At least according to this podcast (and why not just roll with it?) Topics in this sustainable living podcast focus on people doing inspiring work or highlighting inspiring ideas which will help protect and heal the planet. The podcast also talks about positive and inspiring articles that highlight actions people are taking all over the world.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Capturing the climate crisis where it hits the hardest

*Carbon neutral homes are possible!

*The hidden power of your used coffee grounds

Where to find the podcast: Website

Sustainability Defined

Sustainability Defined aims to break down the ambiguity of the sustainable living movement (which I think we can all agree has a lot of, well, ambiguity.) Also promised? Some bad jokes. Topics span a wide range of topics (including interviews with experts) including: green energy, communities/cities, the natural environment, transportation, politics and policy, social issues, and businesses.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Racism and the modern environment

*Urban greening

*Hospitals and sustainability

Where to find the podcast: Website

Sustainability Of:

Each episode of this podcast looks at the ‘sustainability of’ a specific topic. Host Amelia is an environmental studies and business major and puts hours of research into each episode. A wide variety of topics are covered included apple pulp leather,

Intersting looking episodes:

*Know the Origin


*Thrifting sustainably

Where to find the podcast: Website

Sustainable Dish Podcast

Formerly known as the Modern Farm Girls Podcast, Sustainable Dish focuses on anything eco-friendly food, farming, nutrition, and any other sustainable living topic. Guests include those who are playing a part in making a difference in the world.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Pilar Egüez Guevara, PhD: Transforming our broken food system through culinary justice & the defense & advocacy of traditional foods

*Sam Garwin: On Regenerative Ag, Big Food, & Building a Better Supply Chain

*The Truth About Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Livestock Production with Frank Mitloehner

Where to find the podcast: Website

Sustainable Jungle

Sustainable Jungle focuses on world-wide solutions when it comes to sustainability and conservation. The topics covered include interviewing change-makers who are working on “future proofing” the planet. As a mom, this really resonated with me!

Interesting looking episodes:

*School farms in Ghana

*Mindfulness & Activism

*Edible upcycling

Where to find the podcast: Website

Sustainable Nation

This podcast aims to bring insight, resources, and information to anyone interested in sustainability. Most of the interviews seem to be done with leaders in the eco-friendly realm – specifically businesses and organizations.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Organic and regenerative agriculture deep dive

*Michael Boswell – author of climate action planning

*Tom Szaky – CEO of TerraCycle

Where to find the podcast: Website

Sustainable World Radio

This podcast focuses on a wide range of topics under the sustainability umbrella such as permaculture, ecology, nature, organic gardening, ethnobotony, and green living. Episodes include commentary, article review, and interviews – all with a positive focus to the climate crisis. These episodes don’t seem to come out regularly, but they appear to be active, and the topics sounded super interesting, so I wanted to share.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Grow good food without a yard

*Healing earth: a diversity of solutions

*Earth care: how connecting with nature can change your life

Where to find the podcast: Website

Talking Trash with Eco Warriors

The Talking Trash podcast focuses on sharing inspiring stories from change-makers in the “green business, sustainability, environmentalism, and conservation” realms. Specifically, this podcasts highlights stories from women. Additionally, interviewees share ways they live a more eco-friendly life, and how you can too.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Matter of trust


*Rescuing local cuisine

Where to find the podcast: Website

The Ethical Agenda

The Ethical Agenda aims to highlight those in the environmental, climate action, social inclusion, and ethical movements that are working to heal our society. Interviewees talk about what motivates them to do the work, their frustrations, and how to overcome obstacles.

Note: the podcast hasn’t been updated since May, but with COVID and many series taking summer breaks, I still wanted to include it because of the importance of the otpics. Hopefully new episodes will be released soon.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Safia Minney meets Sarah Corbett – Craftivism

*Safia Minney meets Satish Kumar – Living simply and sustainability

*Safia Minney meets Dominique Palmer – UK Student Climate Network and the Green New Deal

Where to find the podcast: Website

The Minimalist Vegan

The Minimalist Vegan covers almost any topic you could want under the sustainable living umbrella: veganism, minimalism, zero waste, conscious consumerism, eco-friendly travel, and more.

The last new episode came out in March 2020, but according to their website, the new season will start in November 2020.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Are you addicted to the news?

*How connected to nature are you?

What’s the future of minimalism?

Where to find the podcast: Website

The Positively Green Podcast

Looking for some motivation and encouragement to live a sustainable life? How about easy and small tips you can implement into your every day? This podcast may be for you. Hosted by two midwest ladies, they focus on progress, healthy living (including for the earth), and defintely not perfection.

Note: this podacst hasn’t been updated since August, but with COVID and many series taking breaks over the summer, I wanted to include it anyway. Hopefully there will be new episodes soon!

Interesting looking episodes:

*How to build a community effort around sustainability

*Where regenerative agriculture gets it wrong and what we can do about it

*How to create community resilience using the Transition Network

Where to find the podcast: Website

The Yikes Pod

Ever said ‘yikes’ about the state of our world? Yeah, probably every day, right? This podcast looks at the ethical, sustainable, and human rights topics that are prevelent each and every day. in our world. This podcast holds the space needed to have conversations around these topics, as well as finding hope in each situation.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Climate change is a health issue

*Beyond white-environmentalism

*Can lifestyle change save the planet?

Where to find the podcast: Apple

Think: Sustainability

Consumption is a big part of how the state of our earth got to where it is today, and this podcast breaks down consumption on all levels in our lives. Additionally, it looks at new discoveries and technologies that will help shape the future to be more sustainable.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Sustainability in the stars

*Garden cities

*The rise of ecofacism part 1 and 2

Where to find the podcast: Website

Waste Not Why Not

This podcast takes sustainable living in a different direction – by exploring the wyas that we shoulnd NOT save the environment. Waste Not Why Not looks at misinformed ways people try to be more sustainable, why they won’t work, and shares things that will work.

Interesting looking episodes:

*N8 goes to a food lab

*Science denial

*Are we over overpopulation?

Where to find the podcast: Apple

Zero Waste Countdown

This podcast features experts and leaders in the sustainable living realm on how to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle on your own.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Keeping produce fresh

*Apocalypse Never

*Millennial Minimalists

Where to find the podcast: Website

Zero Waste Kode

Zero Waste Kode is a podcast that is working to break down and reduce the excess food waste produced in the hospitality industry. You’ll be introduced to new companies and technology, and learn about sustainable cooking.

Interesting looking episodes:

*An individual can make a difference

*Small changes are beautiful

*What can I do?

Where to find the podcast: Website

Zero Waste Money

The premise of this podcast is pretty straight forward: episodes include tips on how to save money by living a zero waste lifestyle.

Interesting looking episodes:

*Zerowasting: pet ownership

*Zero waste isn’t minimalism

*The “buyerarchy” of needs

Where to find the podcast: Apple

Zero Waste Nation

Zero Waste Nation explores how we as individuals can move towards a zero waste society. Hosted by the creator behind Zero Waste Norway.

Interesting looking episodes:

*We can’t let the best be the enemy of good

*The psychology behind being a change agent

*Replacing recycling with reuse

Where to find the podcast: Website

Zero Waste: Step-by-Step

This looks to be a brand new podcast as of September 2020. Highlighting exactly as the name sounds – how you can live more eco-friendly one step at a time.

Intersting looking episode (at the time of this blog post, there was only one episode):

*Making zero waste sustainable for you

Where to find the podcast: ListenNotes

Did I miss any? What is your favorite on this list?

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2 years ago

Thanks for putting together this list! I’m always looking for a new podcast to listen to. – Alex

2 years ago

Thanks for all the suggestions! I recently discovered the power (and beauty) of listening to podcasts and I’m always looking for new recommendations. Will check these out!

2 years ago

So many podcasts! I have to try some of these out!

M of

Great podcast suggestions. I’m doing everything I can to live a more sustainable lifestyle, so these will be useful! Thank you for sharing.