8 Ways to Incorporate Hygge into your Life (for Spring)

Hygge. The Danish craze taking over the world – and for good reason. If you’re new to the concept of hygge, I’ll quickly review.


As I said in my first post about hygge (and how to bring it into your life), hygge is a Danish that is pronounced ‘hooga’ and means ‘to be cozy’ or ‘cozy’.


Who doesn’t want more of that in their life?


The Danish are said to be some of the happiest people in the world, so I think they are a good source to learn from in order to bring some happiness into our own lives. The place where they have super long and cold winters, lots of darkness during parts of the year, and more. For this reason, I think hygge has a reputation to only be for the winter months, but that isn’t the case at all! You can work on bringing cozy-vibes into your life any time of the year.


Good news for those of us who just received 8 inches of snow on the second day of April and who keep hearing rumors of more ‘measurable’ snow in a few days. All hypothetical of course…


Part of hygge is embracing the seasons. I think spring is an easier season to embrace because most of us are all so hungry for it by the time it arrives, we don’t need convincing how awesome it is.


But, if for some reason you’re not feeling spring or just want to know all the ways to enjoy it, one of the best ways to bring hygge into your life is to embrace the season.


Here are 8 ways to practice hygge in spring!




Denmark is known for their fabulous, cozy lighting, so I think part of hygge has to include some of that. Find and light some yummy spring scented candles, get a Himalayan salt lamp (I have one on my nightstand and am in LOVE with the ambiance it provides), and/or let all the natural light in that you can!




I don’t know about you, but once spring hits, I’m looking for fresh, light, yummy foods. Look for fresh produce in season and start incorporating more into your meals. Asparagus and berries are some of my favorite spring eats!


Get outside!

One of the reasons the Danish are so happy is they incorporate and embrace the seasons. Spring is perfect for getting outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer. Spring flowers, mud, puddles, warm sunshine, and more are all abundant in the spring. Not only is it an important concept of hygge, it is GREAT for mental and physical health! That’s what I call a triple win!



Spend time with family and friends

This one is not specific for spring, but still so important, and a big part of hygge. I don’t know where you are from, but in Minnesota, spring is the time of year where I finally interact with neighbors (at least more than just a quick wave after the winter months). Invite friends, family and/or neighbors for some time outside, grill them some food, and enjoy the longer daylight (combining multiple hygge things in one!).


Decorate inside to reflect outside

Bringing nature inside is a big component for the Danes in their pursuit of hygge. In spring, it is a lot easier than in winter, so you have no excuse! If you’re lucky enough to get a lot of flowers in spring, bring some inside! Open those windows to get some fresh air. If you’re like me and still getting lots of snow, do what you can. Buy some flowers and/or plants and put them around the house. Decorate with lots of fresh color and greenery and you are sure to start feeling cozy!



Plant seeds inside

One of the ways I am able to embrace the transition period between winter and spring is starting seeds for our vegetable garden. Planting seeds inside is one sure-fire way for me to start craving spring. I love watching the seedlings popping up from the dirt. Even just the act of planting the seeds brings me lots of joy and coziness. You don’t have to go crazy here if you’ve never gardened before. Lots of veggies and herbs grow in pots (perfect for those in small spaces, apartments/condos or who are new to gardening), so you can literally have a garden anywhere. No excuses!


Zero waste spring cleaning

Does the spring weather have you in the mood for some deep cleaning? I know once the temperatures start warming up, I get in the mood to clean, clean, clean. I feel like it helps me mentally prep for the change of seasons. I’m cleaning away all the remnants from the winter, and making my house clean and cozy for spring! It’s an important part of hygge to make your living space as comfortable and cozy as possible, so you can enjoy and relax. Did you know that it’s super easy to make a couple of tweaks to your cleaning routine to help reduce waste? As part of the blog ZeroingIn’s bi-monthly magazine, #ZeroWasteStoryTime, I shared my favorite zero waste DIY all-purpose cleaner recipe, and shared what we use in place of disposables for cleaning! You can find the article here.




Speaking of spring cleaning, decluttering can be an important part of getting your home ready for spring and for incorporating hygge! As I mentioned above, making your living space as comfy, stress-free, and cozy as possible is an important part of hygge. If you’re constantly surrounded by excess clutter and/or things that don’t contribute to your happiness, it’s time to get rid of it! If you want to start decluttering, but find you’re facing some internal and external resistance (don’t know where to start, feeling overwhelmed, partner/family not on board, etc), I would highly recommend checking out my FREE 7-day decluttering course which tackles ALL of those roadblocks, and more! You can find more information about the e-course here.



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Kelly Bolen
5 years ago

I had no idea what hygge was! What a great article and I learned something new!

5 years ago

Such super tips! I live in Canada, and though it’s April, there’s still snow on the ground. Your post made me reflect!

5 years ago

I love the idea of Hygge, I love fairly close to Denmark (Netherlands) I was there last year. As well as being at being cosy, I had the best ice cream ever in Copenhagen!

5 years ago

Was in the book store and saw a ton of book written on this subject. I looked at a few because I really didn’t know anything about it. Sounds interesting and something to incorporate.

Samantha M
5 years ago

Love all of these ideas! My husband and I practiced hygge for a weekend in the winter, and I love these ideas incorporating the practice into Spring.

5 years ago

I had never heard of hygge so this was all new to me. I like the concept!

5 years ago

Love the idea of hygge but yes I have to admit, I thought it was more for the winter months too. Thanks for the great ideas!

5 years ago

I need to up my planting game this year. It’s such a nourishing thing to do.

5 years ago

I’ve never heard of hygge, but I am loving the concept. I’m going to implement several of these. ❤️

5 years ago

The idea of hygge is new to me. Thanks for your simple explanation. I look forward to spring as well and am in the process of cleaning out. 😉

5 years ago

This is something I definitely want to incorporate into my house… although we don’t get snow, we do get months of rain. Grey and cloudy for what seems like forever!

Sarah | A Simple and Contented Life

I love the concept of Hygge, so much so that it’s actually my word for the year! It’s easy to just associate Hygge with the coziness of winter (candles, a roaring fire, cozy PJs and a mug of hot chocolate), but I love the tips you’ve shared here and how Hygge actually applies all year round, whatever the season! My favourite thing to do this time of year is to get outdoors…after the snow and cold I’m well and truly ready for some sunshine 🙂


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