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5 Minimalist Mindsets for Living a Happy Clutter-Free Life – Becoming UnBusy Guest Post

I am very excited to share a post that I submitted to Becoming UnBusy, a site I found earlier this year and have been in love with ever since. They post about simple living, minimalism, decluttering, ways to live a happy life, and more!  Their motto is ‘Ditch Stuff, Live Life’. If you are unfamiliar with the site, I would highly recommend checking it out.


When my family and I started our process of decluttering our way to minimalism, we found that the actual act of decluttering wasn’t necessarily the most difficult part. The hard part was reversing the consumeristic and glorification of ‘busy’ mindsets we had been following for so many years.


In the post for Becoming UnBusy, I talk about 5 minimalist mindsets to adopt in order to live and maintain your happy and clutter-free life. You can find the post on Becoming UnBusy here.


A huge thank-you to Becoming UnBusy for the guest post opportunity!





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5 years ago

I read your post and I really liked it. I like the idea of taking one thing out when you bring one thing in; I’d like to start implementing that in my life as well. Minimalism has always been something I wanted to dive into so thank you for the tips!

5 years ago

We’ve been slowly curating the things we own, and I, too, have found the mindset shift to be the more challenging part of changing. Thanks for sharing your tips!

5 years ago

This is so true. I will still find myself needing to alter my mindset when shopping and buying things!! It can be a difficult trap to escape but so liberating when you do!

April Kitchens
5 years ago

I liked your guest post, but decided to comment here. We are moving towards minimalism and moving helped to dive right into it since I purged a ton of stuff!

5 years ago

I like the first rule one item in and one item out. That’s a good one because it would make me stop and think if I should actually get the item. I like your quotes as well.

5 years ago

Loved your guest post but couldn’t comment over there so I thought I’d comment here. I struggle with the same things – especially keeping more stuff from sneaking in. These were great tips. Thank you.


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