5 Easy and Quick Self Care Tips and Mood Boosters for Moms – A Guest Post for The Naptime Projects


Self-care. We all know we should take time to do it, but how many of us actually do? I find this to be especially true for many moms out there (and no, not saying that other people don’ the take time or don’t need time)I found out the hard way last summer when I found myself being the primary caregiver to my family after Mr Blographer had a really bad back injury. After a couple months of that, I was BURNT OUT, yet I found myself saying “I just don’t have the time” for self-care. But we all know where that statement leads. Burn out, stress, anxiety, etc. etc. etc.

Today’s post is a guest post I wrote for The Naptime Projects. I was really excited to write a post for Rachel (of The Naptime Projects) because her blog is really great. Definitely check it out!

In this post, I talk about five easy and quick self-care tips to implement today for moms. And while this post is specifically targeted to moms, the tips can be helpful for anyone!


You can find the post here!


If you’re interested in even more self-care ideas (for anyone!) check out my post on how to incorporate ‘me time’ into your life and stick with it. You can find that post here.

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