40 Easy and (Mostly) Free Ways to Turn Your Day Around

Have you ever found yourself in a funk? Who hasn’t? Sometimes when you’re in a funk and in need of a good boost, it can be hard to get motivated to do, well anything. That’s where this list comes in. I’ve compiled 40 easy and (mostly) free ways to turn your day around because let’s face it, your time, energy and mental health are all too precious to spend in a funk.

Combine some of these together for a day of self-care, or pick just one or two if you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up!



  • Call a friend
  • Call a parent
  • Write and mail a letter to a loved one
  • Go for a walk/hike
  • Exercise
  • Meditate (check out my 2-minutes guided meditations)
  • Breathe
  • Yoga/gentle stretching
  • Brew a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate
  • Eat a piece of chocolate (get those antioxidants going!)
  • Eat a piece of fruit (citrus is especially uplifting)
  • Pet your dog/cat
  • Donate (helping others is a huge mood booster)
  • Do a pay-it-forward/random act of kindness activity (get ideas here)
  • Play with you kiddo/niece/nephew
  • Be grateful – write down three things you’re thankful for
  • Spend a few minutes journaling
  • Get lost in your favorite hobby
  • Give/get a hug (hugs release oxytocin)
  • Snuggle with a loved one (or your pet) – More oxytocin release!



  • Look at photos of nature (research shows this can reduce stress and more)
  • Have a dance party
  • Hygge
  • Spend a few minutes reading (check out some of my book recommendations here)
  • Smile
  • Take a break from social media
  • Indulge in some aromatherapy
  • Take a shower or a bath
  • Watch a funny youtube video, episode of your favorite show, or a movie
  • Birdwatch/watch wildlife 
  • Declutter/clean (doing this gives you a sense of accomplishment which can improve your mood)
  • Put cozy pants or a cozy sweatshirt on
  • Light a candle or turn on a cozy light
  • Color
  • Do a puzzle
  • Listen to nature sounds
  • Bring nature into your house/place of work (can be as simple as some flowers)
  • Read inspiring quotes (find some here)
  • Reminisce with a friend
  • Think of some of your favorite memories


What is your favorite way to turn your day around and/or boost your mood?



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5 years ago

I love this list! It’s amazing what a little fresh air and sunshine can do to lighten one’s mood. I find watering my plants (indoors or outside) makes me happy when I give my full attention and love to the task.

5 years ago

Great tips, thanks for sharing! The two I turn to most often are grab a piece of chocolate and go for a walk! 😃

5 years ago

Such a great list! I love to go for a walk or make some Yoga, this really helps me.

5 years ago

So simple and yet so many that I would even think of! Great tips!

Amy | Loving Our Messy

This is so good! I love this list! I need to save it for when those days come around and I need a big boost! I love the ideas to color and do a puzzle. Right up my alley!

5 years ago

Sometimes coming off of the holidays puts me in a little funk. Taking walks (as you mentioned) works for me along with listening to your favorite music. Music can lift my mood with just a simple song. I prefer 80’s rock. Thanks for sharing.

Sheree Dawn
5 years ago

I am a firm believer in fresh air and sunshine! Sometimes I really have to push myself to do something to get that boost when I really just want to climb back in bed for the day. I love these ideas…I may even just out your list!

Dr. K. Lee Banks
5 years ago

Thanks, I needed this today! This is a great list – definitely bookmarking it! I have turned to some of the items on your list, but hadn’t thought of others. I do find exercising, listening to upbeat music, decluttering, spending time with our fur babies, and sewing/crafting are my usual go-to methods to beat the blues!

5 years ago

All great ideas! Love the ones about cuddling with your pet, reading, taking a walk or giving a hug:)


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