Guided Meditation

2-Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation – Frozen Sunset

Do this for you. Take two minutes out of your day to slow down your breathing, de-stress, release any anxiety/tension, and give your mind a mental break. Being in nature and/or looking at nature photography can provide countless benefits. As I discussed in my very first  post, research shows that spending time in nature, or even just looking at it through photography can reduce stress, depression and anxiety, slow down breathing, lower heart rate, and much, more (disclaimer: please note that I am not a Doctor or a licensed professional in this field. To find out more information, please visit the articles listed or talk to your Doctor if you have any concerns).


Without further ado, let’s start to unwind.


Wherever you are, take a few seconds to get as comfortable as possible, and focus on your breathing.

Inhale for 4 seconds.

Hold your breath for 4 seconds.

Release your breath for 4 seconds.

Repeat this 2-3 times. Close your eyes for a moment if that feels right for you.       


Now. Take a look at the photograph and imagine yourself in the following environment:


You are out for a walk on a chilly spring evening at sunset.


The sun is casting beautiful colors across the sky.


You walk past a pond and notice the colors reflecting off the thin layer of ice.


As you stop to admire the glowing colors, a pair of ducks fly overhead and land right on the edge of the pond.


As you listen to the ducks call to each other, what do you feel?



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Photograph and guided meditation prompts © Ld Nature Photography & The Mindful Mom Blographer | 2017 and cannot be used without written consent.


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Stormy Stevenson
5 years ago

I haven’t tried this type of meditation before. Sounds like a great wat to get some calm in my life. Im going to try this. Love it!


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