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33 Zero Waste Bloggers and Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow


One way to get inspiration for living a low/zero waste life is to follow others who are on the same journey! I originally created this post over a year ago, and at the time had only 15 people that I regularly followed that I recommended (that doesn’t mean there were only 15 at the time, just 15 that resonated with me). I am excited to say that as I’m updating it present day, there are now countless people documenting their zero/low waste journey that I resonate with. I think is a great thing! Why? Because the more awareness and the more voices we can let shine within this realm, the more people will see/hear it. Plus, while the topic may be similar, each person has their own unique voice and way of doing things, which is a beautiful thing. 


Following zero waste influencers is a great way to keep motivated, find inspiration, and get new ideas. They can also be great for learning about topics you may not necessarily know about such as environmental justice issues. 


It also has been helpful for when I get discouraged, such as when the recent ICPP Climate Change Report came out. It helps to know I am not alone in my efforts, and I love that others are getting the word out there about reducing waste!






33 Zero Waste Bloggers and Instagramers You Need to Follow

Bloggers and/or Instagramer

1. Amy French The Good Life: Zero waste and eco-friendly living tips, information, and DIY projects!

2. Compost and Canva: Green living and eating, and gorgeous and super creative zero waste DIYs

3. Tiny Yellow Bungalow: Great zero waste information, plant-based diet recipes, and zero waste tips with kids (also has an awesome zero-waste online shop!)

4. Wasteland Rebel: Zero waste tips, how to’s, and DIYs. Be sure to check out her book as well. 

5. Zero Waste Chef: Food waste, package-free tips, and more. She has an active Instagram page – I particularly enjoy her Insta Stories.

6. plantbased xicana: Nicole of plantbasedxicana doesn’t have a blog, but she does have a Youtube channel (although not sure how active that is)! I particularly enjoy following her on Instagram, and watching her Insta Stories.

7. Food is Free Project: Join a community that grows free food for others in their own yard!

8. Earth Custodian Designs: Amber of Earth Custodian Designs has a great blog about eco-friendly living, and a website where she sells products made from upcycled materials.

9. Green Indy Blog: Zero waste tips, inspiration, and DIYs with a heavy focus on working within your local community and learning about/assisting against environmental justice

10. Mama.Eco: Tons of zero waste and eco-friendly living inspiration. Her Instagram is fun to follow as well!

11. Zero Waste Ph.D.: Zero waste information mixed with a big side of scientific data

12. Litterless: Beautiful posts with easy to follow zero waste tips. I particularly enjoy her ‘Buy Nothing’ series. She also has an awesome online bulk finder

13. Small Footprints, Big Adventures: Eco-friendly living, traveling, and world schooling. Also focused on leading activism and change in local communities.

14. Our Climate Voices: A youth-led climate story-telling organization

15. Going Zero Waste: Zero waste positivity that includes DIYs, tips, and inspiration. She has a book coming out this spring which you can pre-order here

16. Kamea Chayne: Eco-friendly living, ethical and sustainable fashion, and more. She also has a great podcast called Green Dreamer that is a must-listen. 

17. Hippie in a Van: Taking small steps to change the world! She runs her own zero waste shop, and also has a great podcast by the same name as her blog.

18. Popcorn Ceiling Life: Zero waste living tips. She has a great Instgram account that I thoroughly enjoy following.

19. Mama Eats Plants: Low waste living and delicious plant-based recipes that will make you want to eat all the things. I love her recipe for homemade coconut yogurt. 

20. Be Zero Waste Girl: Zero waste tips mixed with mindfulness and meditation inspiration. She creates her own meditations that you can download. 


Instagram only

21. Zero Waste Chica: She has left Instgram, but her account is still live and contains great zero waste information

22. Zero Waste Dork: The self-proclaimed armpit of zero waste, April has a very real and down-to-earth outlook about zero waste living. She is also a good resource for going zero waste with kids.

23. Call me Flower Child: Low waste inspiration, and a GORGEOUS green, nature-y feed. It is a plant haven, and a much needed for someone who lives in a wintery state half the year. 

24. Zero Waste Physician: Sharing ways she is working to reduce waste in the medical field. I love her unique point of view and observations in the zero waste realm. I can’t think of another trying to reduce waste in the medical field!

25. Vintage is Eco: The master of public transportation in a major US city. Inspired by amazing vintage pieces. Low waste living. 

26. Zero Waste Memes: Because we could all use a little humor!

27. Zero Waste Habesha: Freweyni shares zero waste tips, and is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about and getting involved with environmental justice issues. She is another person that I really enjoy following her Insta Stories. 

28. I Quit Waste: Zero waste with a focus on marine pollution

29. Naturally Modern: Zero waste tips with kids with a little bit of mindfulness and intentional living

30. BIPOCSwho_Zero Waste: An account featuring BIPOC in the eco-friendly and zero waste movement. A must follow for endless inspiration on people doing amazing things in the environmental realm. 

31. Lemon & Salt Kitchen: Recipes to help reduce food waste

32. Zoe Zero Waste: Zero waste with kids

33. Zero Waste Dog: It’s a zero-waste dog!




Become a trash talker and learn how to reduce your waste for good!
Become a trash talker and learn how to reduce your waste for good!




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Looking for some zero waste living tips, zero waste inspiration, zero waste DIYs and recipes, and more? Check out 33 zero waste blogs, bloggers, and Instagram accounts to follow! #zerowaste #zerowasteblog #zerowasteblogs #zerowastebloggers #lowwaste
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Rachel @ The Improved Me Project

You know, decreasing my trash is something I talk with my husband every now and then and we even sat down once to talk about different things we could do in other to do that. Sadly, we have done very little in that regard. I confess that laziness plays a role in it. It is easier to continue doing what we already do. However I have been reading a lot about habits lately and the truth is that reducing your waste could become a habit. Starting is the key. Reading your post made me think that I should try this… Read more »

Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

Great people to check out for inspiration!

5 years ago

I am always working to decrease my waste, and it’s always great to find more zero waste bloggers to follow 🙂 I’ve never actually weighed my weekly waste though; I usually just have about half a bag of garbage in the can and that’s it, but I’d be curious to see my weekly waste by weight 🙂

Patricia @ Grab a Plate

What a cool challenge! We could all do better! I’m heading over now to check out some of the bloggers you listed!

5 years ago

It is so awesome that there are so many out there working toward this cause! Thank you for sharing.

Sarah @ Freedom Is Hers

Such great ideas that have me thinking about how I can reduce our waste. Thank you for that.

Jenica @ Zero Waste Wisdom

Thank you for recommending my blog! Good luck on your zero waste challenge!

Bren Murphy
5 years ago

Our biggest family success with reducing waste to backyard chickens. We send ALL our organic, compostable and food waste straight into a bucket in the kitchen and after breakfast every morning it is emptied onto the chicken coop floor. This single step reduced our kerbside waste collection by over half! It is really quite amazing just how much compostable and chicken-fodder ready stuff we were sending to landfill.
Thank you


[…] out other zero waste bloggers to follow for inspiration and […]

Anu Ganesh
4 years ago

Hi Laura,

I follow you and many other zero waste instagrammer (sorry if this is not a word) 🙂
I did not know about the huge blog list!
Thank you for sharing. Good to get them all in one place.

– Anu

Reese Moore
4 years ago

Oh wow!! Making a list with these amazing and inspiring people just made my day, you have no idea. <3

Four Roam
4 years ago

Wow that’s a lot of blogs. I’ll check them out.

4 years ago

Thank you for this very extensive list. There is something for everyone so people will surely find the right person to connect with and learn from.

4 years ago

Thanks! I’ve been thinking about Zero Waste for a while, this will definitely help get me started!

4 years ago

Thank you for sharing these inspiring accounts. Already found a few to follow and learn from. 🙂

4 years ago

These are great! Will definitely be checking them out.